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Risk Assessment of Gasoline Storage Unit of National Iranian Oil Product Distribution Company using PHAST Software
Type Article
Gasoline Reservoirs; Consequences Modeling; Risk Assessment; F-N Curve; PHAST
The present study evaluates the risk of the gasoline tank of the National Iranian Oil Product Distribution Company (NIOPDC) in Sari region using process hazard analysis software tool (PHAST) and according to the environmental and process data of the unit. The consequences of different scenarios such as small and medium leakage, constant release rate and complete rupture were modeled and then the range of each one was obtained according to the intensity of radiation or pressure wave and the safe distances of each was determined. Due to the consequences of the explosion, the worst results were related to the weather conditions of 2/3 F for 4700, 2400, and 2300 meters, respectively. Also, based on eruptive and sudden fire data, the intensity of radiation which corresponds to the immediate death or destruction of equipment was seen in climatic conditions of (2/3 F and 4/1 D), at intervals of 180 and 160 meters distances, respectively. In these two weather conditions flammability intervals were 10520 and 450 meters. Then, by combining the severity of these accidents with the distribution of the population and the probability of their occurrence, the level of risk for these storages was determined
Researchers hossein esfandian (First researcher) , Milad Goodarzian Urimi (Second researcher) , Ali Shokouhi Rad (Third researcher)