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Modeling and thermoeconomic optimization of marine diesel charge air cooler
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Multi-objective optimization Firefly algorithm Marine diesel charge air cooler Exergy efficiency Thermoeconomic
This study presents a theoretical model for multi-objective optimization of marine diesel charge air cooler by firefly algorithm. By considering the overall cost and exergy destruction minimization as objective functions, energy and exergy analysis is carried out for multi-objective optimization design of a heat exchanger. Sensitivity analysis is performed to find out the effect of design parameters on the objective functions. Firefly algorithm is used to generate a set of Pareto optimum points and a normalized form of the Pareto front is applied as a decision-making approach to finding out optimum solutions. The theoretical model in the present study is verified by an experimental data and shows a good agreement between the current results and the experimental data. Also, the Pareto front shows that irreversible losses decrease while total cost increases and vice versa. Multi-objective optimization results reveal that overall cost and exergy destructions are reduced by 4.03% and 7.66%, respectively.Water pressure drop is decreased by 12.41% and air pressure drop is reduced by 2.95%.
Researchers Seyed Mohsen momeni (First researcher) , Gholamreza Salehi (Second researcher) , majid eshagh nimvari (Third researcher)