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New solitary waves for the Klein–Gordon–Zakharov equations
Type Article
Solitary waves; Klein–Gordon–Zakharov equations
This paper studies new solitary waves for the Klein–Gordon–Zakharov equations. The obtained results are diverse and some specific ones emerge as dark, bright and bellshape. The two integration schemes lead to obtaining waves which propagate without deformation as illustrated in graphical representations. Our obtained results are more specific compared to those obtained by Refs. 8 and 31 [C. H. Zhao and Z. M. Sheng, Acta Phys. Sin. 53 (2004) 29; S. Yakada, B. Depelair, G. Betchewe and S. Y. Doka, Optik 197 (2019) 163108].
Researchers Savaissou Nestor (First researcher) , Alphonse Houwe (Second researcher) , hadi rezazadeh (Third researcher) , Ahmet Bekir (Fourth researcher) , Gambo Betchewe (Fifth researcher) , Serge Y. Doka (Not in first six researchers)