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Spectra of Deza graphs
Type Article
Deza graph, Deza children, divisible design graph, spectrum of graph, nullity
A Deza graph with parameters (n, k, b, a) is a k-regular graph with n vertices such that any two of its vertices have b or a common neighbours, where b ≥ a. In this paper we investigate spectra of Deza graphs. In particular, using the eigenvalues of a Deza graph we determine the eigenvalues of its children. Divisible design graphs are significant cases of Deza graphs. Sufficient conditions for Deza graphs to be divisible design graphs are given, a few families of divisible design graphs are presented and their properties are studied. Our special attention goes to the invertibility of the adjacency matrices of Deza graphs.
Researchers Saieed Akbari (First researcher) , Amir Hossein Ghodrati (Second researcher) , Mohammad Ali Hosseinzadeh (Third researcher) , V. V. Kabanov (Fourth researcher) , Elena V. Konstantinova (Fifth researcher) , Leonid V. Shalaginov (Not in first six researchers)