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Heterostructure based demultiplexer using solid-solid phononic crystal ring resonators
Type Article
Phononic crystal, Demultiplexer, Ring resonator, Crosstalk, Temperature
This paper presents a novel approach to design a heterostructure demultiplexer using the ring resonators in a solid-solid phononic crystal (PnC). The proposed PnC structure is a square lattice contained circular tungsten cylinders embedded in a polycrystalline silicon background. Heterostructure based demultiplexer consists of three different sections, which every section includes a bus waveguide and an output waveguide coupled to each other through a special ring resonator. The simulation results show that different frequencies emitted from the heterostructure demultiplexer outputs in the range of GHz. The achieved maximum and minimum transmissions are about 88% and 42%. Furthermore, the very-high average quality factor of 4570 results among output channels. Moreover, the maximum crosstalk (the worst one) among the outputs is -13 dB, which is a desirable value. Finally, the effect of temperature variations on the demultiplexer performance is explored. It is revealed that by enhancing the constituted material temperature the resonance frequencies decrease almost linearly and gradually
Researchers JAVAD BABAKI (First researcher) , fakhroddin nazari (Second researcher)