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The plethora of exact and explicit soliton solutions of the hyperbolic local (4+1)-dimensional BLMP model via GERF method
Type Article
(4+1)-dimensional BLMP model Hyperbolic local derivative GERF method Soliton solutions
In this article, some novel results to the hyperbolic local (4+1)-dim Boiti-Leon-Manna-Pempinelli (BLMP) equation signifies the wave propagation over an incompressible fluid. In comparison to deep water, more essential wave capacity conditions are required for the linearization of the wave structure and strong nonlinear aspects are evident in shallow water. The explicit solitary wave solutions of the hyperbolic local (4+1)dim BLMP equation are secured in this study using the generalized exponential rational function (GERF) approach. The resulting solutions are also validated by the use of computational tools like Maple. The dynamic characteristics of selected obtained solutions are depicted in 3D along their projections and as 2D graphs for various choices of arbitrary parameters. The outcomes demonstrate the effectiveness of the GERF approach for determining the sws of the (4+1)-dim BLMP equation.
Researchers Tayyiaba Rasool (First researcher) , Rashida Hussain (Second researcher) , hadi rezazadeh (Third researcher) , dariush gholami (Fourth researcher)