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Your article Metal–organic framework/sulfur‐doped graphene oxide nanocomposite for high efficiency electrochemical double‐layer capacitors
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nanocomposite S-doped-GO specific capacitance supercapacitors ZIF-8
The use of highly porous electrode substances is very useful for high efficiency electrochemical double-layer capacitors. Therefore, this work was presented an electrochemical nanocomposite material consisting of ZIF-8 crystals deposited on sulfur-doped graphene oxide nanosheets for supercapacitor applications. To confirm the synthesis of products, the preparation materials were examined by different physicochemical characterization techniques. The efficiency of the fabricated samples as supercapacitor electrode materials was probed by electrochemical analysis. The results show improvement in electrochemical capacitance, power, and energy densities of S-doped-GO/ZIF-8 (SGZ) nanocomposite. The power density of 231 W/kg, the specific capacitance of 261 F/g, and the energy density of 13.4 W h/kg with cyclic stability of 102% following 1000 cycles for SGZ nanocomposite make it a good candidate for electrochemical applications.
Researchers Fariborz Khakpour (First researcher) , Hamid Ghafouri (Second researcher) , mohammad soleimani lashkenari (Third researcher)