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Drug repositioning approach to target viral and host cells in terms of COVID-19 treatment: A review of in vivo experiments and clinical studies
Type Article
COVID-19, Drug repurposing, therapeutic, pandemics.
While the COVID-19 pandemic is expanding at an alarming rate, there is currently no treatment option for this disease. Therefore, it is necessary to find an effective treatment special for hospitalized COVID-19 patients at the earliest possible time. One of the promising options which should be investigated is the possible effects of old drugs or drug repositioning. This strategy has less risk with more economic advantages and can benefit the long-term control of this pandemic. Our study aimed to give an overview, update the current status of drug candidates (both virus-targeting and host-targeting drugs) for repurposing in COVID-19 infection, and assess the possible mechanism of their effect, in vivo antiviral efficacy, and clinical studies.
Researchers Ali Shahali (First researcher) , Vajihe Akbari (Second researcher) , Rasool Soltani (Third researcher) , Shirin Sadat Badri (Fourth researcher) , Rashid Alijani Ardeshir (Fifth researcher)