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Analytical solutions of conformable Drinfel’d–Sokolov–Wilson and Boiti Leon Pempinelli equations via sine–cosine method
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The sine–cosine method, Analytical solution, Conformable Drinfel’d–Sokolov–Wilson equation, Conformable Boiti Leon Pempinelli equation
In this paper, we studied the Drinfel’d–Sokolov–Wilson equation (DSWE) and Boiti Leon Pempinelli equation (BLPE) in the conformable sense. The sine–cosine method is utilized to achieve various traveling wave solutions to the suggested nonlinear systems. It is an easy approach to use and does not require sophisticated mathematical software or a knowledgeable coder. It can also be used for various linear and nonlinear fractional issues, making it pervasive. The obtained solutions in the form of solitons emerge with the necessary constraints to ensure their existence. The obtained results hold significant role in elucidating some important nonlinear problems in applied sciences and engineering.
Researchers Shao-Wen Yao (First researcher) , Sidheawar Behera (Second researcher) , Mustafa Inc (Third researcher) , hadi rezazadeh (Fourth researcher) , Jasvinder Pal Singh Virdi (Fifth researcher) , M Mahmoud (Not in first six researchers) , Omar Abu Arqub (Not in first six researchers) , Muhammad Osman (Not in first six researchers)