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Different techniques for extraction and micro/nanoencapsulation of saffron bioactive ingredients
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Saffron Bioactive compounds Extraction Encapsulation Protection Separation
Saffron is an enriched pool of bioactives including crocins, crocetin, safranal, picrocrocins, essential oils, minerals and trace amounts of B1 and B2 vitamins. Obtaining any valuable ingredients like bioactive compounds which are naturally present in plants is completely depending on the extraction and purification procedures. An efficient extraction method of bioactives should meet the green chemistry aspects including safety, environment-friendly, run-down or at least little impurities, efficiency, and economic requirements. On the other hand, efficient entrapment of saffron bioactive compounds into the protected carriers is indispensable owing to their liability to the operational (process), environmental, and body digestive conditions. Scope and approach This review will present recent advances on the extraction and encapsulation of saffron bioactive components which could result in value-added …
Researchers Farhad Garavand (First researcher) , Somayeh Rahaiee (Second researcher) , Nooshin Vahedikia (Third researcher) , seid mahdi Jafari (Fourth researcher)