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Comparison of sperm characteristics and antioxidant and oxidant levels in bull semen frozen with four widely used extenders
Type Article
AndroMed, Bull semen, Cryopreservation, Steridyl, Triladyl.
Sperm survives for a very short time in fresh semen, and slow cooling to 5.00 ˚C kills a large number of sperms. This study was aimed to compare the semen quality parameters and anti-oxidant levels in four extenders (manual, Triladyl, Steridyl and AndroMed). Semen samples were obtained from a total number of 12 dual-purpose Simmental bulls kept in the Simmental Cattle Breeding Center for a period of 3 months using an artificial vagina. Sperm viability, motility, abnormal morphology, plasma membrane integrity, DNA damage, chromatin quality, total antioxidant capacity (TAC) and lipid peroxidation were evaluated. The highest progressive motility, viability, plasma membrane integrity, and TAC and the lowest levels of malondi-aldehyde in the frozen-thawed semen belonged to the semen group frozen with Triladyl. Parameters of motility were higher in the frozen-thawed semen with Triladyl than in other groups, indicating a significant difference from the manual extender. Among the extenders studied, Triladyl was the most suitable for semen freezing in Simmental bulls.
Researchers Kimia Maleki (First researcher) , Esmail Ayen (Second researcher) , amir khaki (Third researcher) , Ali Soleimanzadeh Azad (Fourth researcher)